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Beautiful funnel templates to showcase your project
Because you deserve a beautiful funnel
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You want to create your own funnel but can't get past how ugly the available funnel templates are?
  • Do you feel that you lack the design skills to create your own beautiful funnel?
  • ​Feel stuck because you feel that your ideas deserve to be presented in a more beautiful format but don't know where to look?
Ugh.... ENOUGH with the cringe worthy funnels! 
Hi! I'm Ema and I'm an engineer turned graphic designer. 

I struggled with starting my own funnel because I couldn't get past how UGLY all the available funnels were. 

I decided that I could do better and ever since creating my first funnel, I've wanted to create:
Simple and Beautiful Funnels for Entrepreneurs
Simple... because I know many entrepreneurs are looking for a plug and play template that doesn't require too many changes other than swapping out pictures and colors and adding their copy and BOOM! --> launch their funnel. That's where my engineering side came in: doing things more efficiently. 
And beautiful... because your ideas deserve to be presented in a way that captivates your audience. I don't believe that funnels should be ugly. Just because some people have made sales with ugly funnels doesn't mean that we shouldn't take the time to make things beautiful. That's where my graphic designer side came in: I want things to be beautiful.
That's what I'm giving you:
An efficient & beautiful funnel
Add your own copy + add your pictures + personalize the colors = VOILA!

I want to help empower you to launch your funnel so you can share your awesomeness with the world.
Empowered 2 Funnel Templates will help you
Access beautiful templates with a simple click
Save time and money building your funnel
Personalize your funnel in the blink of an eye!
Simply download the funnel template of your choice from the list below and get started! It's a one click download into your Clickfunnels account.
Each funnel template includes:
- 5 Page Funnel Template in English: Opt-in page, Sales page, Order form page, One time offer page and Order confirmation page
- ​5 Page Funnel Template in Spanish: Opt-in page, Sales page, Order form page, One time offer page and Order confirmation page
- Funnel Members Area in English
​​- Funnel Members Area in Spanish
​- And more...
Playuela Beach at Morrocoy National Park
That's me in the middle... around 1989
Playa Funnel (English & Spanish):
Inspired by the beaches of Venezuela where I grew up... these Caribbean beaches have the most amazing crystal clear turquoise waters that I tried to capture in this funnel template.
Inspirado por las playas de Venezuela donde jugaba de niña. Intenté capturar las aguas turquesas del Caribe en los colores de este funnel. 

Hay una estrofa en la canción titulada "Venezuela" la cual venia a mi mente constantemente al diseñar este funnel:
"Entre tus playas quedo mi niñez 
Tendida al viento y el sol
Y esa nostalgia que sube a mi voz
Sin querer se hizo canción"
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